What happened to Emiliano Sala? The gruesome fate of the young Argentine footballer

On January 21st, 2019, a small Piper Malibu plane carrying Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala disappeared over the English channel. Sala, aged 28 at the time, had just been purchased by Cardiff City F.C in the English Premier League for £15 million, having shown promising goalscoring abilities at Nantes in France.

While the journey to Wales was supposed to mark an exciting new pathway in his career, little did he know that it would in fact mark his last. The plane, piloted by David Ibbotson, who did not have a proper license to fly commercial flights, did not make the journey, with the pilot having lost control of the plane in mid flight at around 8pm, leading it to break up and crash into the English Channel, killing them both.

Sala’s fated last words to the world came in the form of a WhatsApp message which eerily foreshadowed his fate:

“I am now on board a plane that seems like it is falling to pieces… If you do not have any more news in an hour and a half, I don’t know if they need to send someone to find me. I am getting scared!”

Following the disappearance of the plane, a message search and rescue operation was launched, with the assistance of crowdfunding, which ultimately found the wreckage of the plane in the sea. The body of Sala was inside the wreckage, but that of the pilot, Ibbotson, was sadly never found.

A post mortem on Sala’s body found that he had been subject to carbon monoxide, and had died of “injuries to the head and trunk.” However, the scale of these injuries are more brutal than what the mainstream media publicly disclosed. That same year, thanks to several sick individuals hacking the morgue camera (who were later jailed), footage of what is believed to be Sala’s body was leaked to the internet.

We cannot repost the image, but it is an unpleasant one. When he is described as having “injuries to his head and trunk” the reality is that Sala was in fact decapitated by the impact and lost his head completely. One can only hope he was already unconscious by this point.

Another individual, David Henderson, was jailed for 15 months over his responsibility in causing this dreadful accident, which included “endangering the safety of an aircraft and attempting to discharge a passenger without valid permission or authorisation” having of course arranged the doomed flight and assigned an unlicensed pilot to do so.

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